Sale/Seconds 14g XL verdigris blades

$170.00 $100.00

14 gauge (1.6mm thick) sterling silver coils with brass blades w/ verdigris patina for slightly stretched piercings

Internal diameter of coil is ~5/8″ (may or may not fit through eyelets)

Marked down because irregularities in the patina (some slightly chipped areas have been touched up with blue/green nail lacquer); one earring has a ‘crustier’-looking patina than the other. (Photo w/ coin for reference shows a different pair, same size & proportions)

The color is so beautiful, but the finish is more fragile. I am discontinuing this color/finish (sadly! But it is sooo much more work and involves chemicals to which I have developed a sensitivity)

length: ~2 1/8″ inches  (54mm)

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