SALE single septum blade 18g-14g


Sterling silver wire w/ sterling silver blade
Last call for these septum/cartilage blade singles! Working this small is a lot harder for me & I am turning my attention to bigger projects.
As a septum piece, these are meant for healed piercings and can be worn either for a special occasion or for months on end. They are not clickers & are not meant to be taken in & out regularly. The wire must be carefully bent back & forth, which will ‘work harden’ it over time, making it brittle. Care should be taken to use smooth tools or wrap tools so as not to scratch the silver when inserting or removing.
Handmade, some process marks may be visible. That said, these are all considered ‘first-quality’ pieces. Will de-stash the studio seconds in another listing.

Free US shipping; $10 international

Listing is for one piece- select number 1-5

#1 sold out
#2 14g, 11/32″ internal diameter (9mm)
#3 sold out
#4 14g 5/16″ internal diameter (7.5mm)
#5 sold out

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