How to wear DiscoMedusa jewelry

I have regular ear piercings. Can I wear these?

If you regularly wear earrings, you should have no problem wearing my 18g pieces. They’re a standard gauge for artisan jewelry, but a smidge thicker than most mass-produced earrings. Avoid the heavier gauges unless you’ll stretch your piercings before wearing them. You should never force large wires into a small piercing, so if you can only fit the very thinnest earwires, DiscoMedusa may not be right for you.

Can I use these to stretch my piercing?

No, you should stretch your piercing first and let any irritation heal before wearing these. The sterling silver of my earwires can inflame skin with any micro-fissures (from forced stretching) or existing irritation. In the meantime, you can safely wear stainless steel or gold.

How can I safely stretch my piercing?

If you have a very small piercing (e.g. because you haven’t been wearing anything for a while), or if you want to move up a gauge, you can wear heavy earrings and periodically tug gently to stretch the piercing over time. To avoid pain and inflammation, please do not force larger wires into an unstretched piercing!

How do I put these in?

Most pieces don’t have a left/right side, except stamped pieces, so you can wear them on whichever side you prefer. For a larger gauge than you’re used to, try putting them in right when you get out of a shower (when your skin is stretchier!) and lubricating the coil, e.g. with vitamin E oil or antibiotic ointment. Carefully twist the coil into the piercing. The motion is kind of like sliding a split ring onto a keychain. You can gently flex the coil away from the blade to make more space if you need to, but be careful not to deform the round of the coil by forcing the curve open.

Can I wear these every day?

Yep, the smaller, rounded styles are comfortable enough to keep in for months straight if you want to. The larger blades are best for when you’re not trying to sleep, though!

Can I shower and sleep with these in?

Though plain water won’t hurt the metal, chemicals and hair-care products may change the patina, so I recommend removing earrings before swimming or showering to be on the safe side. Earrings with a verdigris patina shouldn’t be worn in water at all, as this can make the patina flake off over time. For sleep, large styles should be removed for comfort, but smaller, not-so-pointy styles can stay in.

What gauges do you have?

I make earrings in gauges from 18 to 8. 18 gauge fits standard piercings, but is a little thicker than most commercially-made earwires. 14-8g wires are a good fit for slightly stretched piercings, or for wearing through eyelets.

Can I see these on a model?

Yep—check out my Facebook and Instagram accounts to see them in action!

Can I adjust the coils for a more secure fit?

Absolutely! You can pinch the coil close to the blade with your fingers to flatten it a bit, if needed.

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How to care for DiscoMedusa jewelry

Does the finish need special care?

Most of the finishes are pretty low-maintenance. Here’s all you need to do:

  • Silver and copper: 

This is unsealed and can change over time. Polish periodically with a regular polishing cloth available from any jewelry store to remove tarnish. Or don’t, and let it develop its own patina… totally up to you. I DO NOT recommend using a liquid dip silver/metal cleaner, as those are nasty carcinogenic chemicals and will remove the oxide on any intentionally darkened areas.

  • Matte surfaces: 

Touch up any buffed-out spots with an abrasive pad. Or, leave it alone to develop a gorgeous wabi-sabi patina unique to the wearer.

  • Verdigris (blue-green) patina: 

This is my highest-maintenance finish; avoid wearing this one in water, which can get under the sealant. If the finish ever chips, you can touch it up with matching nail polish. I swear it’s fine. =)

The coil’s gotten bent! What should I do?

If it’s just a little off, you can reshape the coil by wrapping it around a cylinder with a diameter slightly smaller than the coil (a marker, makeup brush, etc.). If that doesn’t work, contact me about a repair!

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How DiscoMedusa jewelry is made

Who makes these pieces? Are they made in the USA?

SO glad you asked. My name’s Caitlyn Davey, and I make each piece by hand in Oneonta, NY. I started DiscoMedusa in 2003, and have been designing and crafting each distinctive piece in my own shop ever since.

I’ve never seen anything like this! Where do you get your inspiration?

I draw inspiration from a variety of manufacturing and aesthetic traditions, as well as new experiences, techniques, and materials I find along the way—learn more here.

What are these made of?

All earwires are sterling silver. Depending on the style, ornamentations may be crafted in brass, copper, or silver.

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Customer service

Do you offer discounts?

I offer a 20% discount when you send me photos to share on social media (email me for details!). I also frequently offer “studio seconds” for as much as 50% off when a piece turns out with some degree of imperfection and wonkiness. For periodic impromptu promotions, you can sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of this page.

What’s the turnaround and ship time?

Most in-stock items ship within a week, but please email me before placing any time-sensitive orders to make sure you’ll have them in time. I’m a one-woman shop, and I balance DiscoMedusa with a day job and other obligations. For custom requests, please allow 6-8 weeks to ship. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! I offer international shipping for a flat rate of $10. I cover any shipping costs above that myself to keep it more affordable for you!  You are responsible for any taxes, customs, or other import fees on your end.

Do you accept returns?

I want you to love your earrings! If you’re not happy, I accept returns for merchandise credit. Email me to initiate a return. You’ll pay to ship your pieces back to me, and I’ll cover US domestic shipment of the new pair at no additional charge. For international returns, there is a $10 fee to cover the new shipment.

What if an earring breaks? Do you do repairs?

Yes! I can repair any DiscoMedusa piece for a $20 flat fee.  Email me to request a repair. You’ll pay to ship your pieces back to me, and I’ll cover US domestic shipment of the new pair at no additional charge. For international returns, there is a $10 fee to cover the new shipment.

Do you do custom orders?

Yes! Email me with your request for a quote and turnaround time. I can accommodate most custom orders within 6-8 weeks.
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