Can’t find what you’re looking for in my online shop? Don’t want to wait for my not-so-speedy-shipping self?
Earrings selections can periodically be found at:

Robot Piercing & Tattoo, Portland, OR
Five & Diamond, San Francisco, CA
Bodyartforms website
Industrial Tattoo, Oakland, CA
Nomad, San Rafael, CA
Infinite Piercing, Philadelphia, PA
Somatic Body Piercing, Long Beach, CA
Straight to the Point, Portland OR & Tuscon, AZ
Ritual Arts, Portland, OR
Burly Fish Tattoo & Piercing, Flagstaff, AZ
Chameleon Tattoo/The Jewelry Gallery, Cambridge, MA
Koi, Salt Lake City, UT
Adorn, Portland, OR
Bang Bang Body Arts
, Northampton, MA
Oculo Visitant Gallery, Oneonta, NY
Elite Jewelry Co, New York, NY
The End is Near, Brooklyn, NY
Roxbury General, Roxbury NY
Tay Tea, Delhi, NY
Cold River Piercing, Albany, NY
Stiehls, Ithaca, NY
The Parlour, Buffalo, NY
Iris Piercing Boulder/Denver, CO; Salt Lake City, UT