My name’s Caitlyn Davey, and since 2003 I’ve been crafting intentional pieces for independent spirits with a distinct sense of style. I design and make all my own stuff, in my shop in Upstate New York. These are designs that honor not just your bold aesthetic, but your appreciation for responsible sourcing and techniques.

I’ve always made every single piece by hand. But my early work was so labor-intensive, it was too expensive for many of my fans. I realized I had to make these styles more affordable somehow. So I developed tools and techniques to make each piece by hand more quickly—without sacrificing quality or durability—like using brass faux-filigree stampings and other findings. And my designs continue to evolve, incorporating a wider variety of gauges and styles.

In 2003, I was studying Small Metals at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, and managing the body jewelry at Chameleon Tattoo in Cambridge, MA. And I noticed something was missing. There was a growing assortment of imported tribal jewelry on the market… but there weren’t many American artisans creating contemporary designs in that style. That’s when I started DiscoMedusa, fusing traditional American jewelry manufacturing techniques with the body-modification/tribal aesthetic. 

When I’m not wearing all the hats at DiscoMedusa, I’m working a marketing & PR day job, hanging out with my two kids, and doing volunteer work in my community. Oh, and if you’re curious, DiscoMedusa is named after a genus of jellyfish!

Got questions, comments, or feedback? Hit the Contact button below. I’d love to hear from you!

— Caitlyn